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MorexLab 7007067 Refrigerator Air Purification Cartridge 7042798 Air Filter Replacement compatible with Sub-Zero refrigerators

Quick Overview

Part # 7007067 is same as part # 7042798
Easy installation, just follow the provided instructions.
The cartridge is designed to last up to 6 months.. In order to get maximum effect, replace the 7007067 Air Purification Cartridge twice a year.
Compatible with Sub-Zero refrigerators Models: BI-30UG, BI-36R/S, BI-36RG/S, BI-36U/S, BI-36UFD/O, BI-36UFDID, BI-36UID, BI-42S, BI-42SD, BI-42SID, BI-42UFD, BI-42UFDID, BI-48S, BI-48SD, BI-48SID, IC-24R, IC-30R, IC-36R, IC-36RID, ID-30RP, ID-36RP, IT-30CI, IT-30CIID, IT-30RID, IT-36CI, IT-36CIID, IT-36R, IT-36R, IT-36RID
Once the cartridge has been replaced, touch and hold PURE AIR on control panel for 5 seconds to RESET.

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