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  1. Cartridge Filter for Shop Vac Craftsman 9-17816

    • Compatible with: Craftsman Shop Vac 17816 9-17816 Vacuum Cleaner
    • Detachable top plastic cap to ensure fit for use with most 5, 6, 9, 12, and 16 gallon and larger vacuums made after 1988, Works with many Ridgid Vacuums as well.
    • Refresh your Shop Vac air filter with an easy and convenient vacuum replacement filter.
    • Made with high quality washable materials to ensure durability.
    • Easily picks up sawdust, wood chips, jobsite and vehicle dirt. Material: Paper Cartridge. The pleated paper creates an over sized surface area for efficient dust and dirt removal and can be easily cleaned, easy to install.


                Applicable Model:
                for Craftsman 17816 9-17816 type 5 6 9 12 and 16 gallon and larger vacuums made after 1988

              • HEPA Replacement Filter For Germguardian Germ FLT4825 AC4800 4800 Series

                GermGuardian AC4300 
                GermGuardian AC4800 Series 
                GermGuardian AC4825 
                GermGuardian AC4850 
                GermGuardian AC4850PT 
                GermGuardian AC4900 
                GermGuardian AC4900CA 
                GermGuardian CDAP4500 
                GermGuardian FLT 4800 
                GermGuardian FLT-4800 
                GermGuardian FLT4825 
                GermGuardian AC4300BTCA 
                GermGuardian AC4850PT 
                GermGuardian AC4825DLX 
                GermGuardian CDAP4500BCA 
                GermGuardian CDAP4500WCA 
                GermGuardian FLT4850PT 
                GermGuardian FLT4825 
                GermGuardian FLT-4825DLX 
                PureGuardian AP2200CA 
                Black & Decker BXAP148 

              • Replacement Filter Cartridge for Shop-Vac 90350 90304 90333 9030400 5 Gallon +

                High quality replacement filter designed for Shop-Vac 90304 / 90350 / 90333 / 9030400 / 903-04-00 / 9034 Cartridge filters; Fits most Shop Vac 5 Gallon+ Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaners;
                Compatible With Shop-Vac Type U 9030400, Type X 9035000, Type W 9034000 Cartridge Filters, models BLB450, SSP16-500A, SSP16-600C, SS12-350A, SS14-450, SS16-SQ550, SS16-SQ650, 86MTSQ550;
                Compatible With Shop-Vac 90340 SL16-575A SS11-450 SS12-300A SS14-350A SS14-550A SS14-600C 16RT500A 16RTP550A 4045AH 85L450 85L575 SS16-450 SS16-550A SS16-650C 86EM350 86L500A 86M350 86MT600C 86ST450 87L500A 87L650C 87M350 87P500A 87P650C 92L550A 92L650C 92P650C BLB550 BLB560C CH87-650C LB650C MSC85EM300 MSC85L450 MSC85L500 MSC85L600C MSC85M250B MSCQPL55 MSCSS12-250 
                Cartridge Filter for Wet or Dry Pickup.
                Outside Diameter (OD): 7-1/2"
                Inside Diameter (ID): 5-15/16"
                Height: 6-11/16"
                Thickness: 3/4"
                Does NOT include retaining ring
              • Replace for Winix 115115 Filter + 4 Carbon Filters PlasmaWave Size 21 5300 5500

                • Designed to fit Winix Models 5300 6300 5300-2 6300-2 P300 C535 Air Purifier;
                • True HEPA Filter Captures 99.97% of airborne pollutants and allergens as small as 0.3 microns in size ,Especially formulated to capture pets and offensive Smoke,Cooking and other Household Odors ;
                • The 4 pieces disposable Activated Carbon Pre-filters are used to reduces odors and traps large particles;
                • HEPA Filter Dimensions: H: 16.34” x L: 12.60” x W 1.18” and Pre Filter Dimensions: H: 16.26” x L: 12.52” x W 0.2"
                • Package include: 1 HEPA filter, 4 carbon pre-filter, HEPA Filter Size: H: 16.34” x L: 12.60” x W 1.18” and Pre Filters Size: H: 16.26” x L: 12.52” x W 0.2"
              • MorexLab 7007067 Refrigerator Air Purification Cartridge 7042798 Air Filter Replacement compatible with Sub-Zero refrigerators

                Part # 7007067 is same as part # 7042798
                Easy installation, just follow the provided instructions.
                The cartridge is designed to last up to 6 months.. In order to get maximum effect, replace the 7007067 Air Purification Cartridge twice a year.
                Compatible with Sub-Zero refrigerators Models: BI-30UG, BI-36R/S, BI-36RG/S, BI-36U/S, BI-36UFD/O, BI-36UFDID, BI-36UID, BI-42S, BI-42SD, BI-42SID, BI-42UFD, BI-42UFDID, BI-48S, BI-48SD, BI-48SID, IC-24R, IC-30R, IC-36R, IC-36RID, ID-30RP, ID-36RP, IT-30CI, IT-30CIID, IT-30RID, IT-36CI, IT-36CIID, IT-36R, IT-36R, IT-36RID
                Once the cartridge has been replaced, touch and hold PURE AIR on control panel for 5 seconds to RESET.

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              5 Item(s)